Lay Report 18: „what do you think about taking two dicks in your mouth tonight?“

The last three weeks have been a bit too busy for my taste, so i waas REALLY looking forward to friday, because i was finally able to go out again. Whenever i have no time to go out for whatever reason it always becomes CRYSTAL CLEAR to me that there is no subsitute to going out doing cold approach. ITS THE BEST, FUNNIEST AND COOLEST THING EVER. NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THAT SHIT, no matter how much i like other reading good books or doing interesting work, or going to the gym or even having sex with one of my gfs. All these things simply pale in comparison with going out talking to girls. Weiterlesen

Some Notes

– entitlement is everything in game, girls are SUPER INDECISIVE and look for the guy for directions. If your reality is : i am the best, noone comes even close thats what she will SEE in your eyes and thats what she will believe. If you 100% believe that you are entitled to a certain girl gaming her is super easy and effortless Weiterlesen

Lay Report 15: Crazy Night, 4 Make Outs, 1 Lay

So i went out to this bar/party yesterday, 15 euros, all-you-can-drink.

Worked with one of my friends till 10, then we both went there directly. On the way to the bus stop i notice a girl waiting for the bus as well. My friend orders some fast food and i stand next to the girl and check her out: long dark hair, cute face, skirt, big boobs but skinny and she’s listening to music with earphones. Weiterlesen

Three Small Tips For Night Game

1. talking to many people is attractive in itself. when you talk to many girls, even if it doesn’t work out well the mere fact that you talk to girls makes you LOOK more attractive (learned that from ijjjji, rsd). Thats because your face will show emotions, etc. when you talk to others while it looks boring when you just stand there or talk boring small talk with a guy. Its not soo much social proof but simply that your facial expressions change and you look more attractive

PU Principles

One of the main changes in the pick up scene from the old days (2002-2005) to what gets taught today was the switch from concrete techniques to principles. You don’t learn routines anymore but you try to figure out the principle behind why for some people routines work and for others not. Not concrete steps for push pull but instead, again, the PRINCIPLE behind why some guys can make this work and some can’t. Once you understand the principle, you can create your own individual stuff. Here’s a synopsis of principles (mainly from RSD btw):